Founded in 2019, TAPE specialise in Accounting, Marketing and IT services throughout the United Kingdom - founded by Imran Savas.

TAPE’s mission is to bring inspiring and innovate services to help create opportunities and make a positive impact on lives.

Being a business owner can be twenty jobs in one. When you cannot afford to employ new talent to focus on particular jobs, you have to be directly involved with almost every decision as well as task. 

This is why more and more companies, large and small, are turning to outsourcing their services to TAPE to grow while restraining payroll and overhead costs. 

Using our expert service helps companies keep more cash on hand, freeing resources for other purposes, such as capital improvements. It's also often cheaper in terms of salaries and benefits and reduces risks and costs.

Our diverse team are committed to delivering a positive service and helping communities where we live and work.

“TAPE is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and strives to treat clients and employees equally. This drives innovation and allows us to attract and retain the best talent. If we can help prevent discrimination and inspire communities then we know we are on the right track. The past decade has seen so much progression in diversity and equality, but the recent political storms have seen huge setbacks in our society. We are politically aware and want to shine a spotlight on the inspiring people that make up Britain today and showcase what TAPE represents as a brand.” 

Imran Savas, Founder and Chief Executive