TAPE work with businesses throughout the United Kingdom in cities such as Birmingham, Chester, Liverpool, London, Manchester to design and produce beautiful creative solutions for our clients.

TAPE will work with you to understand exactly what you want your branding and logo to portray. We want to know what makes you tick and gets your customers excited. We ask about your likes and dislikes. We want to know about your unique selling points, core values and company ethos. We will use all this information throughout the development of your logo design and launch of your brand identity.

Once we understand your needs and aspirations for your brand, we will explore your marketplace. We will look at your competitors and analyse how they are performing. We use this information to ensure your organisation stands out as the most appealing in the market, creating the company of choice in your respective industry.

With a full understanding of your needs, TAPE will get to work on developing your logo to create an impressive brand identity. We test different colour palettes, shapes, typefaces and styles to identify the exact way your business offering should be accurately communicated. We develop visuals and explore a range of ideas to find the best design to suit your business needs.

TAPE will present our concepts to you, we will explain the methodology behind our ideas. We want you to understand how we have reached our conclusions and why a chosen design will be effective. When evaluating a logo design, we require your feedback as we want you to be as considered and comprehensive as possible: brand development is a significant investment for any company, and we want you to be sure you’ll get both a good return and a high-performance brand identity.

· Name Generation*

· Brand logo, symbol and corporate identity development